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We've got every channel you need and at the lowest prices in Bermuda!


A Channel For Every Mood

Bluewave offers a wide selection of channels for your viewing pleasure. You'll find something to watch regardless of your mood. From sporting entertainment to news, from scripted shows to reality tv, we've got it all!

Experience TV like never before!

Experience TV like never before!

Bluewave's new IPTV service offers unparalleled streaming quality.

Experience TV the way it's meant to be enjoyed. Bluewave offers the most competitive package prices in Bermuda. If you're looking for an affordable and reliable tv option, look no further.

All of our packages include free features like personal video recorder (PVR) in the cloud for all HD channels and archived PVR

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SENIOR Package

38 Channels

Watch your favorite TV shows, including local news and weather, over Bluewave’s high-quality network. Our basic package includes standard stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS as well as 13 local channels. Viewers also get access to several channels that are new to Bermuda, like CTV, CBC, IonTV, MeTV ,and Gone Viral TV.

$29.00/per month

BLUE Package

55 Channels

Premium TV service including, the local channels, all Gulfcom channels, sports channels, and the most popular premium channels.

Get all of the channels that we offer in our basic tier plus an additional 16 premium channels on top!

$39.00/per month

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