Minister opens new TBi and Bluewave location

The new TeleBermuda International and Bluewave customer care and payment centre was officially opened today.

Walter Roban, Minister of Home Affairs, cut the ribbon at the centre at the Washington Mall on Church Street, almost directly across from the Hamilton bus terminal.

The payment centre was previously on Victoria Street. The new location opened its doors to customers last week.

Mr Roban said: “It’s always a happy occasion for me when I attend the opening of a new store or business in Bermuda — it indicates people’s confidence in our economy and an expansion of options for the consumer.

“It is particularly satisfying for me when that business is part of an industry which is related to my Ministry in some way — in this case, the telecommunications industry. The Regulatory Authority, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, regulate both TBi and Bluewave, as they operate within the telecommunications sector.”

TBi is a long-established Bermudian-based provider of voice, internet and managed IT services, while Bluewave is a high-speed wireless internet service provider and a product of TBi. Last year, the East End Group Limited partnered with Celeritas Limited to acquire TBi.

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