In-House WiFi Options

In-House Wi-Fi Options


In all cases to get the most out of your Bluewave service, you need to have a good quality in-house network. Our Bermuda built houses are more difficult to get the Wi-Fi signal “through” compared to North American construction. Here are some of our options that our team has tested and confirmed to help you get the most out of your service – we’re always happy to help!


Mesh, Everyone’s Doing it!

The problem of “whole house” coverage has been with us for a while, especially in Bermuda.  The way Wi-Fi works, the speed gets lower as the signal gets weaker – so in a Bermuda home with 2’ thick stone walls, your speed to your iPad from your Wi-Fi router in the next room might be terrible! Solutions are either adding wiring (pricy and difficult, but very good), adding an extender (not super reliable) or the new generation of “Mesh” devices. There are lots of them, but the ones we’ve tested are very reliable and offer great performance for the price.

Small House Solution - A Second Mimosa G2 as a Wi-Fi Extender

This is a great and inexpensive option to extend your Wi-Fi signal through your house. The G2 extender is made by our network partner Mimosa and works seamlessly with your G2 router which we supplied you at install. You can add ONE G2 extender and we sell them for $60. Your installer can help you with the configuration.


 Medium to Large House Solutions

There are lots of “mesh” options available today, unfortunately many of them just don’t work. We do however have experience with a few vendor partners who do a great job of making wireless mesh solutions viable. Generally, we wouldn’t suggest “meshing” more than 3 mesh type devices since the performance will degrade (except for the Amplifi units), but you can also add some hard-wired units (we can help) to keep the speed high. See our favorites below.


Ubiquiti; Serious Professional Speed and Reliability, Every Device Imaginable

These devices just work! Ubiquiti Access Points can either be wired or meshed wirelessly to each other. They have to have access to power and you need to have the first one plugged into our G2 router.  After that, you can extend your network either by wiring additional units or by meshing them back to other ubiquiti devices. The devices cost approximately $150 each and we can assist you by arranging installation quotes. This can be a do-it-yourself solution, but it’s best if you are fairly technical. We can also manage the network for you or provide monthly all-in-one lease options. Ubiquiti also offers outdoor units, cameras, IP phones, and more.


Amplifi; Super-Fast and Super Easy

Amplifi is the “Mercedes” in house solution, and it’s do-it-yourself easy. The base station connects to our G2 router, and then you plug the “meshpoints” in where you need to extend your signal. The basic pack comes with the base station and two mesh points and costs $450 in Bermuda. Additional meshpoints can be added and they are $200 each. Installation is easy, there’s a smartphone app, and there’s a great LCD screen on the router itself to show your connection speed! Up to two meshpoints can also be used directly with our standard G2 router without the need for the Amplifi base station.


Open Mesh; The Easiest Install Ever

The open mesh install is the easiest we’ve ever seen and the devices are reasonably priced with LOTS of options. The management is all cloud based and free, there’s an app for your phone, and the devices mesh wirelessly or they can be wired. There’s a great wall outlet case that makes the mesh units into an all in one repeater. There are outdoor units, ceiling mounts, wall mounts, wall outlets and more! Units start at $130 and go up to $250 for the higher speed devices. We can also manage the network for you or provide monthly all-in-one lease options.

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