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Technical Resources

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Mimosa Networks is the leader in cloud-managed hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) network solutions for the post-copper era. Deploying Massive MIMO technology, Mimosa designs and manufactures outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers demanding fiber-fast networks. Mimosa technology provides the highest level of scale, capacity, and reliability for multiple verticals and applications. Founded in 2012, the company has more than 4,000 ISPs and enterprise customers deploying Mimosa wireless products in over 120 countries worldwide.


Add-ons: An application that runs within another program to change or enhance the programs performance.

Bandwidth: Describes the maximum data transfer rate of an internet connection. It measures how much data can be sent over a specific connection in a given amount of time (megabytes per second or Mbps). Bandwidth also refers to a range of frequencies used to transmit a signal. This type of bandwidth is measured in hertz and is often referenced in signal processing applications.

Download: When someone makes a personal copy of something they find on the Internet or world wide web to their computer. The larger the file you are copying, the longer the download will take to transfer to your computer.

ISP (Internet Service Provider): A company that provides individuals and businesses access to the internet

Online Gaming: A digital game that is played over a computer network or the Internet. They often enabling two or more players to participate at the same time from different locations. To play connected online games with friends and family, you may need to upgrade your Internet bandwidth.

Streaming: Data streaming, usually in the forms of audio and video streaming, is when a multimedia file can be played back without being completely downloaded first.

Upload: When someone transfers data from their computer to another computer or onto the Internet or World Wide Web.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol): VoIP is a telephone connection over the Internet. The data is sent digitally, using the Internet Protocol (IP) instead of analog telephone lines allowing individuals to talk to someone anywhere in the world without having to pay long distance or international phone charges.

WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider): Internet is provided without the use of cables or fiber.

Health & Safety

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