What is a WISP?

A WISP is a Wireless Internet Provider that uses wireless technology to deliver the same high speeds and service of traditional providers but it is delivered wirelessly instead of through buried cables.

How is WISP different than Fiber?

Traditional fiber is only available if the provider has already dug trenches and buried wires to your home or business. This labor-intensive process makes fiber expensive. Once a WISP device is installed and broadcasting, wireless internet is available to nearly everyone for miles in every direction. Our infrastructure is largely built with wireless links that connect through line of sight instead of a physical wire delivering service from one point to another.

Why Wi-Fi?

  • Fixed wireless connections do not succumb to the wear and tear outages that can occur from damaged or outdated wired connections.
  • Offers value-added features like parental blocking.
  • Affordable network development and reduced maintenance costs which result in a savings that can be passed on to consumers.
  • Provides high capacity service within the coverage area.

Does rain affect your service?

“Rain fade” is the phenomenon where rain in the atmosphere eats up radio frequency. While it’s true that some forms of wireless Internet service, such as satellite Internet, are vulnerable to bad weather, not all forms of wireless Internet are affected by rain. The frequency that our WISP operates on has been proven to have minimal impact.

What equipment will I need on my house to receive service?

You will require a small, white 11” antenna. Our mounting hardware is made from stainless steel to stand up to Bermuda’s climate.

Do I need access to cables or phone lines in my house to receive Bluewave internet?

No, our internet service runs completely on our Wi-Fi network and does not require any other connections.