The Executive Team is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive leadership experience in advanced technology, research and development; management, finance, and sales. Key team members include:

Lee Greene



Lee Greene has over twenty years of experience at TeleBermuda Internal (TBi) before becoming its President in late 2020. During his tenure, Lee managed all aspects of the business and helped internal teams through several successful mergers and acquisitions and expansion into the Cayman Islands. Prior to his appointment as President, Lee led TBi’s global and local sales divisions. A graduate of East Carolina University, Lee also has international experience working in the United States for Philip Morris.

Lee is the father of two daughters, Gabrielle and Jordan. He is also an accomplished artist. During his free time, Lee enjoys painting portraits of notable individuals who have stayed true to their craft and make a difference in the world, either through their contribution to humanity or their creative talent. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Lee is an active member of the Bermuda community and was previously on the boards of the Bermuda Olympic Association and the Bermuda Basketball Association

VP Finance - Dave St. Laurent

VP Marketing - Nicole Williams Smith

Operations Manager - Anthony Davis

Head Office Contact Information

22 Church Street

City of Hamilton

Bermuda HM11